Tweaks and Touches

This week has drifted into lots of time consuming activities; the tweaks and touches of bringing together a plan. New studio, new location (but not too far away) new contacts. I’ve even been working on a new marketing strategy and trying to get my head round lots of technology that addles my brain. Tweaking the online presence, adding welcoming touches to old ways. A gift came my way this week which will add a welcome touch to my studio visitors – a lovely doormat for my new studio. It was my birthday yesterday and the mat was a very thoughtful gift.

I reached the official title of ‘old person’ this week. The burden of being young no longer weighs me down – instead it is time to bring out the Jenny Joseph ‘purple’. Artists do not retire, they just become more ‘out’ everything. Outspoken. Outlandish. More ‘outside the norm’. So instead of retiring I am moving out. Out of clutter and into a new space (soon).

Some of the ‘tweaks’ I have been doing is to update some very out of date social media platforms. Also joining new ones. My website needs tweaking too by taking out the old and putting in some new. That will perhaps need to be carried forward to next week.


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More later ......

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