Testimonials are so wonderful to receive. Artists, by nature, are prone to self-doubt. We doubt our ability, our technical expertise, our value in the work we do and the list goes on! Then along comes a letter or email from a satisfied customer to say how much they are delighted with their purchase. All of a sudden the artist feels s/he has the validation to continue working. Being an artist is an emotional see-saw.

When times are difficult, sales are slow and interest wanes because of many factors outside of our control, then we need these words of gratitude to encourage us to keep going. This week I had my ‘feel good about myself as an artist’ when a customer emailed me to say this:

Dear Ainethon Arts,

thanks so much – I’ve now received  the artwork I ordered on your website.  Such a great piece of work and so beautifully packaged too! It’s a delight- my partner loves it too and he is going to have a look at your website and order from you as well. I am off to have another look too, and I know I am going to enjoy looking at this piece for a very long time! Thanks again, Chris”.

A big thank you goes out to this customer for taking the time to write to me about her purchase.


Published by Ainetheon Arts

More later ......

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