Artist’s Proofs

Well here we are, heading off into another weekend, and work finished or being finished this week is rather sparse. What I have been working on though is producing some proofs of small giclee prints which will build up my affordable art stock for online and studio sales [hopefully this will be possible later in the year].

The above photograph shows the six new 7x7cm giclee prints I hope to bring out in the next week or so. Again these will be offered either with mount unframed, or small frame unmounted [with spacer to keep print off glass]. The prints are produced using pigment inks on 360gsm canvas.

I feel the four bothies could do with a bit more adjustment so I’ll carry that forward to next week. The Thistles prints are fine but again I’ll give a small tweak to adjust the sizing [they are about 0.3cm out on the horizontal]. Honesty has turned out perfect first time so that will get framed today.

I like to do an Artist’s Proof when I bring out a new edition print. Sometimes I hit it right first time, sometimes it takes me one or two prints to get it just as I want it. I don’t usually sell the proofs but keep them for myself as reference material. Occasionally though I do sell them for a slightly reduced price which is contrary to the normal practice of selling proofs for 20%-50% more than the limited edition print. [The quality of the Artist’s Proof is equal to that of the Limited Print, there are just fewer proofs made].


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