Going Forwards

Don’t you just love it when a plan come together? And more so when it is earlier than anticipated. First quarter I have achieved finding a ‘room mock-up’ website and signed up to it for the next year. What a difference it makes when customers can see how a piece of art will look in a room setting. Just as we are almost out of the first quarter of 2021 I have managed to set up another website: https://www.anniemclean.art/ which is fairly simple but am happy with it as it gives me another platform and a “.art domain. Still not managed to sort out the galleries and artwork pics on my main website though so will have to ping off an email to the ‘main bods’ for them to sort.Roll on next quarter – I am ready to work!

Next quarter will see some progress on finding a suitable studio to move in to and also the start of a new marketing strategy on moving forwards. In preparation for moving to and setting up a new studio I intend to offer some artwork at a 30% discount. A post every Monday with that week’s offer. That’s a long spring sale! Thirteen weeks of big reductions. I do need to reduce the stock I am storing. Visit me on my Facebook Page to see what is on offer each week.

To start the ball rolling the illustrated artwork above is the first up and will be ‘live’ on Monday 5th April 2021. Free UK postage.

Have a good week ahead folks. ~A~

Published by Ainetheon Arts

More later ......

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