This Week’s Work

From idea to finished pieces in one week. Monday evening I had a thought about painting one pear and replicating it in various colourways. I liked the idea of having a six-part collection which I could offer as a whole set or sell individually. I was not in my studio when I had this idea so I reached for my Surface Book and started doodling and ‘painting’ away. I liked what I eventually ended up with – PEAR 1 came into being. Into Photoshop it went and from there over the next day I started to alter the colours. What a transformation! Each piece became one in its own right but also sat nicely as a collection. A ‘Conference Of Pears’ was born and some Giclee Prints were run off.

Wednesday was trying them out in various settings (in studio and online) until I found the perfect display for them. I decided Canvy was the best solution so a lot of time was spent browsing through their room mock-ups and again changing walls to suit the product. By Thursday I had managed to get the Conference Of Pears Collection catalogued and up in my NuMOnday Shop. I also managed to get them onto other online platforms and also onto my Facebook Page.

Friday was spent getting two sets (that’s 12 wee prints in frames!) framed up ready to be sent off to new homes as and when purchased. The only thing left to do on this collection are the Certificates to go on the backs of the frames. That is a job for today. Sunday will be a day of tidying up and getting set up for a new start on Monday.

Happiness is being busy!


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More later ......

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