This Week in the Studio

What a busy week but a very enjoyable week. There has only been one new piece of artwork completed amidst the production of greetings cards and giclee prints. All of these new products now need to be added to my Inventory [which also has the facility to show my work online], my Website and my Shop. That will keep me busy next week!

The new work, top left, is multi-media using a still life photograph I had taken several years ago. The photograph has been digitally altered and painted on and will be available next month as prints and greetings cards.

There have been several greetings cards designed and produced this week, mainly DL format plus a 4x6in ‘With Sympathy’ design. The two landscape photographs above [taken during a walk up Glen Moy on 1st January this year] have come out well as greetings cards / note cards. I am planning to get some more Angus scenes added to the range of greetings cards.

The Rood Dudes [my wee story characters] have also got their own DL greetings cards. The ‘Wee Hooses’ artwork on these cards was created by Tina Williamson for a local event a few years back. Tina’s shop A Longer Table features in the Rood Dudes story and these ‘Wee Hooses’ can be seen in her shop. Tina has given permisssion for her artwork to be used for this card.

The two artworks with a single tree have both been produced as giclee prints and will be available to purchase from February. I have also managed to produce several DL greetings cards of the tree on the right hand side above and they will be available to purchase from next week.

Woolma, my sheep oil on board painting from a few years ago will be produced as giclee prints and greetings cards.

Being busy has brought me many pleasures this week. I do love it when plans come together and give positive results.


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More later ......

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