Learning: New Printing Methods

Yesterday was spent trying to get to grips with designing and printing my own cards. The WHOLE day just playing around with computer and printer. What else do I have to do (lots actually!) during this lockdown? Quite sad though that my first card to be produced this year is a sympathy card. Yet another family death and this time Covid related. An uncle in his 70’s. This will be sent off to his wife and family today.

The current lockdown restrictions impact on all of us and making us think of other ways of working. I had only one public event last year, a two week pop-up shop in the back room of a local eco-friendly grocery shop. Emotionally last year took its toll as I lost my youngest daughter and found myself unable to work to full capacity so in some respects it was good for me to not work. However, a new year and a not so new problem of an income shortage. I need to get back working and earning.

Printing my own cards is one way to reduce my costs and increase my product range. I aim to put some of my artwork into print also which will open up another avenue I have not pursued since leaving Suffolk. I am hoping to be trying out some canvas prints too but that may be a little further down the line when I have mastered the process.

In the meantime it is learning, practice and even more practice…..


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More later ......

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