Warm Ups

My ‘Daily Practice’ seems stuck at the Warm Up stage. Two weeks into 2021 and I am yet to complete something. However, doing warm ups is still daily practice. I’ll cut myself a bit of slack this month because I have a new way of working to adapt to and a whole new set of tools and skills to learn. After my old laptop finally dying on me (November last year) and not having access to many, many files and applications anymore, I am getting to grips with cloud storage, Microsoft Surface and Office, plus a whole heap of digital / technical tools to make my artwork more available to potential customers online.

Online seems to be the way to go in these troubled and difficult times of Covid. Going totally online is a whole new experience for me and it takes me an age to get to grips with various platforms, software and applications. All this learning, practicing and doing eats up time like a wild hungry monster. Hence, there is little time left to be able to create anything larger or more detailed than a wee doodle or ‘warm up’ piece. I need to produce more if I am to survive this Covid-Storm. The ‘Pond’ is shrinking and there are many more fish in it too now that we are all struggling to earn a living. Ponds and fish are for another blog, another time.

So, back to Warm Ups. I am trying to commit myself to the good practice of doing about 30-60 minutes of doodling or visually emptying my morning mind each day. I always found this to be a valuable practice for inspiration and self-encouragement. This morning I grabbed a selection of things that took my attention – a bottle of some lovely lavender McLean’s Gin (not a family connection), my favourite wine glass and an empty box which contained some champagne truffles. I set this still life low to give me a different perspective and used a black Bic biro on some very heavy duty lining paper. I often use lining paper for the rough doodles because it is cheaper than using specialist paper. I’ll talk about the pros and cons of wallpaper lining paper in another blog. I don’t get precious over these sketches and it frees my mind up, knowing that most of these end up in the bin after a while. Often, a quick sketch will trigger an inspiration to take forward into a project.

This week’s Warm Up sheet:


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