Daily Practice

Warm Up Study

Sometimes the Muse just gets up and leaves. A fickle creature, the Muse. My Muse is female, probably because I am a female. But Muses come in all shapes, sizes and forms. My Muse exists only within me, myself and I. Your Muse may live outwith you. Your Muse may be another living being. This gives rise to other difficulties and possibilities. The Muse is not the topic for today’s blog however. Today I want to talk about how I am trying to tempt my Muse to participate more with me.

For a long time now, too long in fact, I have struggled to create anything of any real substance or meaning. It is as if being in a lockdown situation has pushed my Muse into hibernation. An a-Musing situation to some degree. Although it is not a laughing matter by any means. No Muse, no artwork, no income. Simple as that. Difficult to cure.

So yesterday I decided I had to revisit some old methods of encouraging the Muse. Daily Practice first thing in the morning. I give myself a large piece of paper and allow 30 to 60 minutes of mindless scribble. I draw the first thing that takes my attention. I use whatever materials I think of first or whatever is at hand. I don’t seek perfection, I don’t expect a conclusion. It is merely a practice piece that is more or less going to end up in the bin. No expectations mean no disappointments. Hope is present though. Hope that I can feel motivated to move onto something a bit more meaningful. Hope that perhaps one of the morning scribbles will inspire me to continue with something as a study. Hope that the Muse will suddenly appear and say ‘What about doing this …..’

Daily Practice or Morning Warm Ups, whatever they may be and whenever they are done, are a good way of keeping the creative spark alive. They are a good way of enticing the Muse to be present. Today I used watercolour pencils and a roller ball ink pen.

A photo I took of a beach in Norfolk 2004 – stuck it on the freezer to inspire me.

Try it. See if it works for you. And enjoy!


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