Walking in Old Shoes

Creativity seems to have walked away from me. Discarded like the old shoes that have become tattered slippers. I have so much to learn and get to grips with regarding the new technology that I have available to me.

I’ve spent the first few days of this year getting to grips with a new way of working using Microsoft OneDrive as my main storage for files etc. Also I have bitten the bullet of modern methods by subscribing to Microsoft 365. My new Surface Book 3, like many laptops these days, does not have a CD drive and so I cannot load up my Microsoft Office from disc. Okay, it’s Office 2007 and probably so out of date now. I made the decision to do annual subscriptions for MS 365. So much has become available to me! So much to learn! So far I have been quite successful in getting accustomed to Whiteboard (love this brain-storming tool!), the Tasks to-do-list organiser, MS Project Moca (another discovery, another excitement). And the list goes on.

I am investing time and money into trying to make good out of a bad situation. Income has dried up and avenues are getting narrower or even no longer exist due to Covid. I feel like I am walking my Path in old shoes. Shoes that are no longer fit for original purpose and quickly becoming redundant for any other use. A bit like my old ‘girly’ summer shoes that soon became indoor slippers when they weren’t getting worn outdoors. Even they are getting beyond fit for any purpose.

I tried to focus on making new artworks today so I thought I’d do some warm ups. What did I draw? Well, the old shoes that became slippers which are now heading out towards the dustbin. They will go in the bin once I am done with doodling and daydreaming.

The Muse still seems to be more absent that present. So the analytical side of my brain has taken over the day. I found myself continuing in the ‘I must get to know and understand’ stage as well as the ‘I must organise myself better’ approach. I’ve learned more about how to use my Surface Pen and I’ve organised my 2021 Goals. Time to make a ‘pudding’.

Stay safe my friends,


Published by Ainetheon Arts

More later ......

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