Adding Stars to the Night

As 2020 draws to a close I am left wondering how we will all move forward from the stop/start and constant pause that Covid-19 has brought to most of our lives. I doubt if anyone has been left untouched and without loss during these difficult few months. 2020 certainly has been one of my most difficult years. I hardly recognise my old ‘Self’ and long to find a solution to the punishing regime of Covid restrictions. But to dwell on the gloomy side of Covid lifestyle is to weaken and diminish the creative impulses. And for me the instinctive urge to create has been somewhat lost since April of this year. Lost and hidden from consciousness for six months. November somehow brought a little bit of fresh inspiration and desire to create once more.

Difficult was a word that was always going to be around, for me at least, for the foreseeable future. Difficult is the constant flux I have found myself in for the last few years and more so in 2020. But 2020 will pass shortly and a new year will begin. No resolutions as such for this coming year. Just a resolve to keep moving forward positively by accepting, adapting then creating something from the chaos. One way of encouraging positivity is to exercise both the body and the mind. My lack of exercise in both areas during this year has caused a bit of a black hole. I’m looking to put some stars back in this dark void in 2021. Not sure what form these ‘stars’ will take but am looking forward to getting creative once more.

I’ve started planning my ‘starry, starry night’ for 2021. And by the end of 2021 I hope to find my ‘new dawn’. I’m planning more of an online presence in the coming year because we may still have some Covid restrictions to adhere to, particularly in the first few months. I long to get outdoors again properly, wandering around freely and meeting people in normal circumstances. Daily connections, daily creations. Bring on 2021 and let us all make the most of what we have each day.


Published by Ainetheon Arts

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