Little bits of affordable art

This week has all been about Christmas. In fact the last couple of weeks has seen me busy creating new designs for gift tags. My stock of gift tags was quite depleted so it was like starting from scratch again. But at least I had some designs from previous years that I could fall back on to ensure that November started with some stock. This week though I have concentrated on getting some new designs produced and plenty more inspiration sketches / notes to work on over the next few weeks.

I’ve introduced some new wooden shapes to work on too. I’ve also sourced a supply of larger and thicker wooden tag shapes which can be used either as a gift tag or a tree ornament. These larger tags are slightly more expensive to produce than the original ones so they will be priced between the smaller tags and the larger tree ornaments. I particularly like the wooden bauble shapes which make lovely tree ornaments. The snowflake-shaped tree ornament with my Robin On A Branch design on it has attracted quite a bit of interest with some sales generated on it’s first day of being shown. The gift tags and tree ornaments can be viewed and purchased from my website or Facebook shop.

Tree Ornaments / Large Tags

These little bits of affordable art are really loss leaders. They cost me more to produce than I can sell them for. However, it is making art affordable for any budget and also gets my art out there. And they are fun to do – I really do enjoy painting small. Over the last few years they have developed into collector’s pieces, finding homes throughout the UK.

*Free UK Postage until 31 Dec 2020

Next week will see me introducing the ‘Red Door’ and ‘Green Door’ design plus, hopefully, another robin design.

I also hope to be introducing a ‘weekly offer’ starting next week up until Christmas. These offers will be promoted Mondays, last seven days then replaced by another offer. But I’ll talk more about this promotion on Monday.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend and stay safe.


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