TIP FOR TODAY: Keeping acrylic paint moist.

Acrylic paint is a very versatile medium to work with, and comes with many advantages for the busy artist, but it comes with the disadvantage of drying quickly on the palette. When working small or in detail then it is essential that the paint on the palette doesn’t dry out during the fine detail process. I solve that problem by having a fine mist spray bottle of water sitting on my work station. A regular short burst of water sprayed over all the paint and the mixes will help to keep the acrylic paint moist enough for a few hours. There is nothing worse than mixing the colour you want only for it to dry with a skin when you want to use the same colour (tone/shade) a bit later in the painting process. I have found the spray water bottle an essential part of my working practice, especially when painting outdoors where the paint dries even quicker than indoors.


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