Tips for working small

Work In Progress: Christmas Tags

I introduced small paintings on wooden tags to my product range in 2018. I had no idea that they would become quite so popular and so now they are a permanent addition to the range of artwork for sale. This year I am concentrating on having several of one design in stock so that I can keep up with demand. Painting small works of art can be a strain on the eyes, particularly if you are painting in true miniature style. Here are some tips for those who like to work small:

  1. Invest in some magnifying glasses. These help you to see more accurately where to place the brush strokes.
  2. Use good quality brushes for the task.
  3. Trim old brushes to use before throwing them away and use them until they no longer give accuracy.
  4. Take regular breaks to rest the eyes. I tend to work for an hour then have a 15 – 30 minute break. Wearing magnifying glasses continuously tires the eyes quite a bit.
  5. Don’t get too precious or precise over your brush strokes unless you are attempting a proper miniature painting (these need a great deal of precision)
  6. Use the small paintings as gift tags for friends and family. Small paintings on paper can be fixed onto small cards for this purpose or use pre-cut wooden tags available online or from craft shops.
  7. Use the small paintings as artist trading cards.
  8. Have fun!


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