This Week In The Studio

I am still trying to get used to a ‘working week’ after such a long time in creative suspension. One good thing to come out of a long break away from work is that when you come back to it you come back with fresh eyes. So since the 1st of October – I know, that’s almost four weeks – I’ve been looking at all aspects of my work and seeing room for improvement and development in most areas. I’ve identified the need to find new ways and systems of keeping things organised. I’ve had to re-think how I market my artwork due to covid-19 restrictions. I’ve tried to accept and adapt to having lost my youngest daughter in April this year. I’ve tried to rediscover the creative Muse within, which just up and left me during some really difficult times earlier this year. And I’m pleased to say that I have risen to the challenge and managed to make a new start on all of the aforementioned.

So this week, on the creative side of work, I have been busy working on some new designs for Christmas products. There are lots of new sketches and designs sitting on the drawing board and a new Snowman Collection well under way. This week I have finished the wooden Snowman tags and wooden Snowman baubles. I’ve completed one of the new Snowman wooden door hangers and am ready to take the ‘artist’s proof’ forward with one or two wee tweeks. The Snowman linocut for cards needs more development as I am not 100% happy with the few ‘artist’s proofs’ I’ve printed off.

Some of the older cards/tags designs have generated interest from online sources and I am now bring those back into the ‘stock’ for this year. It’s all about Christmas now and this is where my focus is going to be for the next few weeks.


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More later ......

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