The Old Blue Shoes again

30x30cm Oil on Canvas
[framed 33x33cm]

Well, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to render a painterly impression of my old comfy shoes. They really sparked my creativity last week, starting with a quick sketch in the sketchbook then scribbling the start of what could easily become a new short story. Within a few days, I had started painting them, finishing them the following day. I was pleased with end result and will be having the painting framed next week. I’ve submitted this painting to the Meffan Winter Exhibition so here’s hoping they will have their debut locally very soon. Sadly, the comfy old shoes gave up the ghost a couple of days ago. If the painting sells then I shall have to look out for another pair of comfy shoes …….. or perhaps I should look for cosy slippers now that we are slipping into winter.


Published by Ainetheon Arts

More later ......

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  1. It is taken for granted that flat shoes are often the most comfortable option particularly for women. They allow the feet to roll heel to toe when walking, evenly distributing the weight across the foot. Because those awesome blue comfy shoes gave our dear Annie the feeling of happiness while wearing them and while moving from one place to another with ease and comfort, our talented artist decided deep in her mind to appreciate the fine comfort of the shoes and decided to paint them so that they will be remembered for the many years to come. The outcome is really extraordinary! As you see, Annie made a masterpiece out of a very simple theme. The coloration is fabulous, the brilliant use of the light and shade is really gorgeous, the background is so easy on the eyes and the way she chose to display the comfy shoes is absolutely attractive to the human eyes.

    Congratulations Annie! You really made an enormous progress with such a great artwork. I have always liked all your works of art since you began creating those magnificent paintings, but this one is so cozy and so special. Well-done Annie!


    1. Thank you so much Sam for the lovely review / critique. Strange how the simplest composition and a reduced palette can make more of an impact / impression. Perhaps I need to follow it up with ‘New Shoes’ ….. Thank you once again and kind regards, ~A~


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