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What a jam-packed, exciting day yesterday turned out to be. The intention was to take a trip out to Fortingall Gallery‘s annual exhibition (held in the Molteno Hall, Fortingall, Perthshire PH15 2LW) and have a peek in at the Dunkeld Art Exhibition on the way. Well, one started the day out and the other finished it with lots of other in-between visits to galleries, a short walk and even time to indulge in tea and cake in a lovely cafe in Aberfeldy.

The day started with Dunkeld Art Exhibition. This was my first opportunity to see the exhibition, having missed the preview evening on the 17th June. One of my paintings had been sold and I felt quite sad not to have seen it hung in its first public showing. There were many wonderful paintings and other artworks on display with a diverse range of styles and techniques; many being affordable for limited budgets. Artists that I found interesting here were Nancy Brooks (Patchwork Landscape and Musical Trees) for her innovative approach to landscapes; Franciszca Doris for her interpretation and presentation of floral art (I was sorry not to see her poppies as they had been sold); Jane Ross for her compositional skills and expertise in using foil wrappers (various Tunnocks foil wrappers artworks depicting birds and animals, most sold); Jonathan Sainsbury for his delicate watercolours (Dipper and Burn, Blue Tit and Apple).

Walking back to the carpark, we stopped off Atholl Gallery for a quick glance around. We’d been there a few weeks ago and wondered if there had been any changes. All seemed to be fairly similar to last visit so perhaps there has been no change to artists on show. There really is an eclectic mix of artists and makers here, unforuntately I did not make a note of the names. It really is worth popping in if you are passing.

Aberfeldy was our next stop where we had a walk around town, down through the memorial gate to stroll along the paths of the Lower Birks, coming back out at the top of the town where we stumbled upon Aberfeldy Gallery There are many artists represented in this large, bright gallery. One of the back galleries (there are three very full rooms of exhibition space) is currently exhibiting four artists: Fiona Matheson (I love her ink and acrylic works, paticularly her painting ‘One Window, One Door’ ) Paul Bartlett, Ken Fergusson, Kevin Fleming and so many more, too many to mention them all. This is a very professional gallery with excellent presentation of artworks.

Continuing our stroll through Aberfeldy we came across Artisanand Gallery. Yesterday was the launch of a new exhibtion. Holly MacKenzie was one of the many artists exhibiting and I was impressed with her pyrography on sycamore slices. Time was slipping away and we both felt in need of refreshments so headed off to The Watermill Cafe, gallery and bookshop for tea and cake. This is a wonderful stop-off point in Aberfeldy and a place I have visited a few times. The best place I have ever found for a wide range of ‘proper’ teas served in a lovely teapot and accompanied by a small pot of extra hot water (offered, not asked for – now that is good service!). It was a very quick look around the gallery here (posters mainly so I did not linger) and the bookshop before heading out to Fortingall.

Molteno Hall in Fortingall is a beautiful location and a wonderful exhibition of some of the finest artworks around. There was a very high standard of artworks displayed at Fortingall Art Exhibition . The following artists are but a small sample: Erraid Gaskill; Helen Welsh; Shona MacKenzie; Rochelle McConnachie; Maryann Ryves; Keith Brockie. An online gallery shows examples of the work on show but the art really needs to be seen in the flesh to fully appreciate it. I highly recommend a visit there during the next two weeks.

Our day of galleries had come to an end. All that was left to do was take a long, leisurely drive home, stopping at Kenmore for a drink and bar of chocolate at the waters edge of the Loch Tay looking out towards the Crannog. It was indeed a very busy but delightful day out. So much to see and be inspired by. I do hope readers have enjoyed this rather lengthy Blog and have browsed through some of the links. There have been so many more artists I felt inspired by and excited about their work than I’ve had room to mention. In fact I’ve used up a big chunk of Sunday writing up this blog. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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