Finishing Day

Thursdays I try to focus on finishing things. Thursdays call for a lot of self-discipline. My work environment, wherever and whatever it has been throughout my life as an artist, has always hosted a diverse range of unfinished projects. Being a creative person means that I have ideas a-plenty but not always the time to see the inspiration through to completion. So I now devote a whole day, once a week, to finish things off. I still have a lot of projects that need picking up to work on but I can, at last, say that things are getting done.

This week I have concentrated on finishing the wood engraving prints I started on Tuesday. I have managed to turn quite a few of them into greetings cards to be sold at my next event. I have also been putting together some small original studies and paintings onto cards for the same purpose. I’ve used some (brown) craft cards, pre-scored with fold, that I’ve not used before. I’ve added a white paper insert which I like to see in cards and much nicer to write on. I’ve even re-designed some small labels to be stuck onto the back of the cards so they are truly hand-crafted original artwork cards. The finished product, packaged in a cello bag, is looking good. I’ll also be looking for other outlets to host and sell my original artwork cards. In the meantime they will be available to purchase through my website. You will notice from the photograph that I’ve finally managed to complete the varnishing and packaging for a selection of tags I did earlier in the year. I’m still not sure about how to present these for sale: in the clear bags with cord, attached to a greetings card or framed in a small black frame. Some of these tags a very detailed and take me a considerable amount of time to paint which means that I am never likely to cover my cost let alone make a profit. Either I will have to go more ‘impressionist style’ or sell them as miniatures mounted and framed.

The only painting I have managed to ‘finish’ this week is a small impressionist painting of (yet another!) a tree I completed several weeks ago. I’ve now mounted and framed this piece but I am not sure about the thin black frame being right for it. The frame may change at a later date, as may the brown card backing. For now though it will hang on the wall until I decide what else should be done with it. Or I may sell it as a study without the frame.


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