What Did I Do This Week?

Preparing the new panels

It was a slow start to the week with me still being in recovery mode. I don’t often get colds but this one was a monster. ‘Flu, perhaps even ‘man-flu’. I couldn’t unfuzz my head to paint for the first couple of days so I ‘pottered’ for short periods in the allotment or walked a little around the Wee Red Toon where I live. Walking took me past the Photographer/Framer shop. Yikes! Almost £300 lighter and a whole load of frames to stick in my wee flat! Kyle was selling cut-price frames from the framer and I could use them for The Bothy project and other events coming up … plus a few (okay, several!) spare that I could use for works not even contemplated yet.

By Wednesday I was well enough to go out shopping in Dundee with my youngest daughter Pauline. Not clothes shopping or ‘girly’ things. Lunch out then straight over to B&Q to buy 5mm ply cut into a whole variety of sizes to use as painting panels and to fit into the new frames. Then there was shopping for new paintbrushes and gesso. Perhaps this week was retail therapy artist style.

The end of the working week was more productive with me preparing the three paintings for Dunkeld Art Exhibition and working on the paintings for the Buxton Spa event. Time is getting nipped up for completing these and I must have them finished Monday or Tuesday of next week otherwise the oils will not be dry enough to frame or transport etc. I also managed to prepare a 40x40cm panel for my 5th Bothy painting and two 120x450cm panels for some en plein air work in the coming weeks.

Saturday was delivery day for the Dunkeld Art Exhibition. Bob came with me and we made an afternoon of browsing galleries, shops followed by a delightful tea and cake rest in a lovely wee cafe in Birnam. I also managed to fit in a bit more work on two Buxton paintings and pleased with how they are coming along. The sheep are starting to ‘talk to me’! I often find, when working on a painting, that I have ‘conversations’ with the piece. Perhaps that’s why I hate parting with some paintings.

And now I am on Sunday. Usually it is a gardening, housework or walking day but I feel the call of the sheep in my two landscapes on the studio easels. I wonder if Bob will cook dinner again …….


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More later ......

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