Oh my! 11 months since my last blog – what happened to the time?  All those days and weeks swallowed up without stopping for a glance backwards.  Perhaps 2018 did not want to be recorded. Endings, beginnings and lots of muddling through.

2019 has started with the Fun A Day Dundee project once more.  This year I am attempting miniatures.  One small wooden gift tag painted with an original acrylic painting for each day of the month.  I can’t always manage one each day but I am doing what I can, when I can.  Mother takes up a considerable amount of time at present due to her health issues and the travelling between her home and my own – she lives 100 miles away which is two hours drive or five hours bus journey.  I find it difficult to have any time for painting when staying with mother so I decided that time can be used for ‘thinking creatively’ whilst time at home can be ‘action time’.  In other words I paint more than one gift tag a day at home and make notes for other tags when at mother’s.

In addition, I have a rather large (48″ x 24″) canvas to complete during January.  A commission that has taken much longer than it should have due to caring for my mother.  Just the finishing touches to do then it will be off the easel waiting for the clients approval prior to delivery.

As if that is not enough to be getting on with, I have committed myself to working with several others on Julia Cameron’s book Finding Water.  I had to back out of the last Group in 2018 (Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way) when too many pressures became overwhelming.  Perhaps I’ll return to The Artist’s Way at a later date.  For now though it is Finding Water.

It has been a joyous start really to 2019. Mother, although now completely immobile with various health issues, can now be left for a few days at a time. This means that I am now able to get back to the pleasures of creating artworks. I felt I had almost lost the artist within. These wee wooden tags are now becoming obsessional. I had an idea in December that I would like to paint a small gift tag for each of my four daughters. Then I thought I’d like to include grandchildren. Before I knew it I was painting tags for Bob’s family also. Then of course there were a few close friends. And Bob too. I ended up painting 28 wee tags! Somehow it seemed odd to give a gift tag without a gift. I then had to go out shopping for small extra gifts (I was giving money this year as I didn’t have time to shop!) to attach the gift tag to. Those wee tags kept me busy during December; and now I am still just as busy during January doing more tags for Fun A Day Dundee!

Time to get on with the day. May 2019 bring joys a-plenty to all. ~A~

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More later ......

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