2017-0108 Moody Margaret 20170324_171427[1]
MOODY MARGARET by Annie McLean – Oil on Board 15×17.5cm
Meet Moody Margaret, sheep extraordinaire.  I have a feeling Miss Margaret though may be more of a ‘Ram in Ewe’s wool’.  But I don’t mind transgender sheep.  This has been a bit of fun for me over this last week or two.  This fun wee painting started out as another ‘left-overs’ and I have worked away, off and on, at it over the last couple of weeks using the left over oils from my palettes from other paintings.  Perhaps she was a bit of light relief from working on the landscapes.  She is worked in oils on prepared (gesso) board and is 15×17.5cm.  I have used a photograph I took some time ago as reference and tried to put a bit of character into the piece.  Sheep, like all animals, have characters.  Whilst I was working on Moody Margaret I kept thinking up stories about a sheep.  A rather bossy, dominant sheep who keeps trying to be in charge only to find that other farm animals play tricks on her.  Perhaps a children’s story in there after all ……

I’ve come to 5.30pm and realised that I have not gone shopping yet.  I have two choices – eat what I can cook from frozen in my freezer (which means a late dinner) or get to the shops quick and see if I can pick up something that will cook quickly – and maybe even treat myself to a bottle of wine.  My prize for completing two paintings in one day, albeit ones that were started previously.


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More later ......

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