We are fast approaching the end of another week.  In my Blog on February 26th I spoke about having a weekly aim of starting and completing at least one new work; not necessarily the same one.  I followed up that Blog on Monday (27th February) by showing four new ‘starts’ for the week ahead.  Out of those four beginnings I have managed to achieve one completion and one Work In Progress (WIP).  I have also continued to doodle and sketch away with new ideas for other works of art; some will be progressed into the project folder then developed on, and some will remain in the depths of either my sketchbook or journal.

Untitled (ref:2017-0301) Acrylic on Canvas 12×16 inch

I believe I mentioned in Monday’s post that I awoke with this image in my head and made a quick sketch of it in my journal.  So much for me keeping a journal for words only!  From there I sketched out then coloured, using watercolour pencils, it.  Once I was happy with the composition and colour choices I moved onto mapping it out on a 16×12 inch canvas with a tonal wash of Burnt Sienna acrylic paint.  On Thursday I started applying the first layer of paint using Daler Rowney System 3 Heavy Body acrylic paint.  Palette used was Titanium White, Coeruleum Blue, Ultramarine, Cadmium Red, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Process Black and Reeves Gold acrylic.  I used a variety of palette knives to paint this one and a round no. 8 brush for some finer detail.  A flat brush was used to paint the sides of the canvas.  I am not a lover of leaving edges unpainted, even if they are to be framed. I worked on this one over two days and completed it yesterday (Friday).

Forfar Loch (WIP) Oil on Canvas 30×60 cm

And that is my week so far.



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More later ......

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