FORFAR LOCH oil pastel on panel 10x20cm (reference photograph & art by Annie McLean)

Since Wednesday’s inspirational walk round Forfar Loch I have managed to draft out a project sheet with a couple of sketches, some notes and a colour chart for oil pastels and chalk pastels.  Today I decided to work on a small piece using oil pastels.

The support is a piece of mountboard primed with a layer of gesso.  I lightly mapped out the main contours in a fine pencil then applied oil pastels directly onto the board, overlaying white and the lighter colours for the reflections on the water and the clouds in the sky.  I used cotton buds dipped into white spirit then dabbed off the excess before blending the layers to create the tones.  Where I needed a bit more precise shaping and blending I used a no. 4 filbert. This was particularly useful in forming the clouds.  The cotton buds were very useful for lifting out the colour where I wanted white reflection on the water.  Once I was happy enough with the proportions and composition I then applied more highlights and shadow using the pastels.  I may well work a little more on this one but I am aware I sometimes ‘fiddle’ then overwork a piece.  Therefore this wee one will sit on show in the studio until I decide whether or not it needs more work.

I have planned out two canvases for this same scene in oils – a 20x60cm (I think the composition lends itself to a long narrow canvas) and a 30x60cm, a standard size for me.  Not sure which size to choose as yet.


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More later ......

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