FORFAR LOCH looking towards the town.

Most people, apart from those working shifts, consider the weekends as their days off from work.  My days off tend to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  A mid-week weekend.  This helps accommodate workshops on a Sunday and studio opening hours over the weekend for visitors to browse etc.  It also means that I have less people around when I want to indulge in going out and about. Public places are less crowded and often I have an historical venue (almost) to myself.  This week I had Tuesday in Arbroath visiting the Abbey and a lovely up a hill and down again followed by a blustery walk along the seafront.  I spent time along the seafront and beach having lunch then sketching before walking back into Arbroath along the King’s Drive.  Perhaps I’ll get round to posting more about this another time.

Today’s photo though is of my Wednesday afternoon walk around Forfar Loch.  Yesterday was full of bright sunlight and a cold wind but nevertheless a pleasant walk.  Birds a-plenty came to say hello from robins, blue-tits and even a bright red bullfinch.  Of course there were all the water birds too but that’s not what this blog is about.  The photo shown today is from the far end of the loch looking towards Forfar.  The scene reminds me so much of Suffolk, particularly the Minsmere area.  I just had to stop to admire and reminisce.  Here and there.  Angus and Suffolk.  It brought back so many memories of both places that I think this has to be this week’s Starting Piece for art.

My first choice of medium is pastel although I may well start with or go on to do other studies in a variety of mediums.  We’ll see.  All dependent on the Muse of course!  Time and other commitments too factor into what will become of this inspiration.  I’ll perhaps post some WIP (work in progress) photos as the week goes along.




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More later ......

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