FunaDay Dundee 2017 exhibition display

January was busy.  Extremely busy and different to most Januarys for me.  I’m not complaining; far from it.  I enjoyed ‘the ride’ and at times felt the bucking of the beast under me, especially when it came to having to do the practical things one must do in order to keep our lives running smoothly.  I lived and breathed ‘Small Talk’ (the title of my Fun A Day Dundee 2017 work); I thought of nothing but small canvases (6×6 or 5×7 inch) 24/7 for 31 days.  In fact, the ‘bronco beast’ bucked me so hard towards the last few days that I considered taking a few of the canvases forward into larger pieces.  I almost came out of the saddle trying to get one 50x50cm deep edge canvas completed before the end of the challenge.  But I managed it.  I managed 32 painting (31 small, one larger artwork) in all during January.  Quite a feat.  Quite an achievement and one I am quite happy about.

January has gone, quick as a puff of smoke out my late father’s pipe.  The exhibition has been held and was a successful event with a lot of hard work from the organisers (well done Sam and the Team!).  All that is left now is the collection of the remaining artwork and a big void that needs to be filled.  Perhaps I’ve just tamed the beast beneath me.  But I think not.  My Muse is not that gentle with me.  I’ve lived with this Muse long enough to know that she sleeps when she wants to then comes at me kicking, biting and tossing me around without respect for my human limitations.  I have a feeling that the bucking bronc she became in January will quieten somewhat, allow herself to be ridden with saddle and reins, then revert back to her boisterous self once she gets the bit between her teeth.  (All of a sudden I have visions of a young arab mare I used to ride out on in my teens!  Many is the time Cindy would bit my a**e as I mounted!!).

Hopefully I can get through February without any bites on the bum then maybe saddle up for another round of art adventures in March ….. April ….. May …… Watch this space!


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More later ......

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