FunaDay Dundee 2017: Update

FunaDay Dundee 2017: work so far

I’m slowly catching up with myself – or am I actually ahead of myself?  I like structure, uniformity; routines I seem to hedge away from no matter how well I organise my to-do list or diary.  At the start of the FunaDay project I felt I had a head start because I had pre-planned all 31 small paintings.  Ideas were sketched out, some coloured to assess effect etc.  I organised each small sketch in order to be completed.  I made a progress chart.  I created a whole file for this in my project folder.  The build up to this event was exciting.  I felt like a child waiting to catch Santa make an entrance.  And I was feeling rather smug about how well organised I was.  Yes, no problem or so I thought.  I hadn’t reckoned on the Inner Being (my Muse by another name) meddling in the practical tasks.

The first of January arrived and off I went to the studio in the morning.  How quiet the quirky Wee Red Toon was – guess everyone had been celebrating Hogmany the night before.  Not a person or vehicle did I pass on the walk down the Roods.  The studio was quiet too without the noise of the traffic tearing round the one-way system I usually get.  On with the paintings.  And …. The Muse steps in!  I don’t paint the first one planned.  Instead I paint a small painting from a sketch I was going to use as a design for Thank You cards.  Not at all a painting I had even contemplated doing for this project.  The first design did get painted eventually on the third day.

As the days went on, my planning went further to pot.  This Muse, the one who resides within me, is quite mischievous and oppositional at times.  One a day, just one a day.  That’s all I need to focus on I tell myself.  The Muse, she will not listen.  She sneaks up on me when I least expect it and encourages me to work on more than one small painting at a time.  She even had me start something further down the line of my planning.  Much further down the line.  Yesterday she had me paint the one for the 30th January. By now I realise my planning has really been blown away.

There are times when one just has to give in.  After three weeks of trying to get the Muse to toe the line I have succumbed to the pressure.  My Muse has now been allowed to hijack this great plan I had.   Ownership of the project has now been conceded to the Muse.  In all honesty, she took over from the start.  We are now on the 23rd day of January and I have 18 small paintings completed, four more being work in progress, six prepared with the ground and the remaining three being ones salvaged from my reject bin with thoughts on how I can now finish them years after they were started.

So much for the one a day.  Actually, if I count the four WIP’s then I have achieved the one a day – so far.  Or is that cheating?  One thing this project has taught me is that I work best when I am working on more than one painting or project at a time.  Is that a lack of self-discipline or just me being inspired by my own creativity?

One final thing to note.  I now have more ideas than there are days in January.  Perhaps I can take the leftover inspirations onto something else.







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