The above link, hopefully, will take you to the current leaflet for the January 2017 workshops.  The first workshop, Introducing Drawing, is the first one of the 2017 season. All eight of the Introductory workshops are aimed at beginners and learners so no experience is needed to join these sessions.  These workshops can either be taken as a series of learning experiences or taken individually.  Please feel free to print out the leaflet or pick up a copy from some of the local shops in Kirriemuir.

In addition to these Introductory courses there will also be workshops focused on specific styles, mediums etc. In January we will focus on Painting from Photographs and Painting a Winter Scene.  We follow on in February with Introducing Colour Mixing; Painting a Still Life; Painting Spring Flowers, Painting from your Sketchbook and/or Photographs (this is a two-day follow-on course but each session can be taken as stand alone.  Full day courses 10.30-4pm).  Other workshops are planned for the whole of 2017 – details will follow in due course.  Do look out for the leaflets or Blog, Social media, website etc.

And something for everyone – beginners, developers and more experienced artists.  A FREE DROP-IN SESSION almost every month (eight sessions in total during 2017).  The first Drop-In starts on Thursday 26th January.  See the leaflet for more details.

And now it is time to do a gallery visit – I am hoping to manage over to Aberfeldy this afternoon to the Watermill Gallery to see the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham exhibition.

Make 2017 the year to enjoy art.



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More later ......

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