CHOSEN by Annie McLean Acrylic on canvas 70x70cm

I’m not even going to explain the title, far less the painting.  2017, for me, is all about exploring communication through art.  Tell me what this painting says to you. I’d love to hear from anyone – anywhere – regarding what they felt and thought when they looked at a particular work of art, including the art I create.

In 2017 my abstract project “Communication by Another Route” (I’ve not quite decided what to name this project yet, but this will do for now) aims to explore what messages or meanings, if any, conveyed in paintings.  It is a self-development exercise in trying to understand the how, where, why, what etc. art means to me and to others.  I aim to create a body of work that is representative of communication and collaboration across cultural perspectives and/or discrimination.  Past employment working with marginalised people of all ages taught me that communication is the key to making a difference. Does art communicate? Can it mean the same thing to the viewer as it does to the artist?

My project will purposefully explore cultural diversity without judgement, comparing cultural preferences as forms of expression.  Part of this process will involve examining parallels and discrepancies between religious, cultural or core belief systems.  In studying the symbolic representations from various faiths and societies I hope to find a common allegoric which can used to communicate without the use of language.

Big project – big demands on my time!


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More later ......

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