Work In Progress for “D3” by Annie McLean. (acrylic on canvas 6x6in)A

I thought I’d share the process of developing a painting for the FunAday Dundee event.  The photograph shows my project folder and the start of the work on the painting (D2) for the second day of January 2017.  I am pleased to say that the second small painting for this event has been completed.  This one has been inspired by my third daughter, hence the title D3.  Over the Christmas period I asked all four of my daughters to think of a number, a favourite colour and a shape.  They thought mother had either lost the plot or been at the bottle with the amber nectar in it.  Neither.  I explained that all would become clear in the New Year when I started my FunAday Dundee challenge.

Today’s painting was created using my daughter Caroline’s number 2, her favourite colour purple and her chosen shape of a circle.  The 2 has become a swan, the relevance being the number 2 looks like a swan and the fact that when she was a young girl she painted me a picture of a swan.  I still have this painting.  Purple is the main background colour and the circle is painted gold, a symbolic representation of spirituality.  The finished painting may speak of different things to others of course.  A painting is a form of communication.  A relationship is formed between the artist and the painting which ends once the painting is sold.  A new course of communication, and relationship, is then begun between the painting and the purchaser.   But that is altogether another subject.

I am about to embark on the third painting for the FunAday Dundee event.  An early start to tomorrow’s painting as I will be out and about in St Andrew’s visiting the Fraser Gallery. I have promised my self at least one gallery visit a month and this month I would like to see the Chansons d’ete; the solo exhibition of John Kingsley, RSW.  I will finish the painting tomorrow – just so that I can say it was completed on that day!

As a side note, I intend to find some interesting historical facts that happened each day during January.  I forgot to add that to yesterday’s Blog.

1st January 1651: The coronation of Charles II took place at Scone.  This was to be the last occasion a monarch was crowned in Scotland.

2nd January 1971: The Ibrox Stadium disaster happened.  66 supporters were killed on stairway 13.

And now to go make a start on tomorrow’s small painting, do some paperwork and other boring things before dinner.  Perhaps after dinner I may venture back out to my studio to work on a larger piece I started just before the end of 2016.



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