I sometimes do the most odd things.  Quite bizarre. How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre.  But I am comfortable with odd.  Odd is different.  Odd has a voice; and usually an opinion.  Odd doesn’t quite fit in but somehow, when examined more closely, seems to fit like a comfy pair of slippers.  I wonder if this is why my grandsons prefer to wear odd socks?

Now, I have been in a state of oddness – is that actually a word? – for some time.  Whenever I get my head into some philosophical thinking and/or reading then things start happening for me.  Happening in the likeness of fitting jigsaw puzzle pieces together and finding that a beautiful picture emerges.  My most recent odd endeavour is to read a book called Revolution by Russell Brand.  Odd that I would even consider reading anything by that great galoot.  More odd that I should even BUY a book by Brand!  But there we have it.  I had an odd moment and ordered the book on the basis of a sample I read on Amazon.

How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre.

Another odd thing.  I am actually enjoying this book!  I can identify with this mouthy eejit.  Wholeheartedly on his subject of revolutionised change being needed for our society.  I was so engrossed with reading page 125 of said book that I had finished my porridge this morning without even having tasted it.  I must just share a quote from page 125 of Revolution by Russell Brand (a quote he quoted from Rumi):

Do you know what you are?

You are a manuscript of the divine letter.

You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.

The universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

Everything that you want,

You are already that.

The quote alone does not convey the message Russell is trying to tell us about capitalism, consumerism, materialism and all the other greed-induced desires we humans strive after.  The quote though is where I’m at today.  And today I am happy being me.  Poor, non-capitalist, non-materialistic, non-compliant little – is 5’8″ little? – me.  I fail on the consumerism though because I do like to eat and I kind of like pretty things around me.  Thank God for Co-op orange stickers and charity shops!

The book is worth reading.  Borrow it from a library if you don’t want to buy into the Brand name.  After all, Mr Brand will benefit by royalties and we would not want to be upsetting his social equilibrium.  Borrow it from a friend or family.  Don’t steal a copy though – that just wouldn’t be right.


ps: note to Russell Brand: please regard the words galoot and eejit as terms of endearment – in an odd way – as I have no wish to be sued for libel.  I’m a poor artist so nae chance until ‘am deid – even then that will be debatable.

pps: note to daughters: you can borrow the book when I’m finished with it. And when I’m deid please spend any money I leave, which is most unlikely, quickly so that there is nothing left for Mr Brand to sue for.

ppps: for those still reading this blog: oddness IS a word – says so in the Collins dictionary I have in my art studio (I write in there too sometimes).  Odd that I had to go and check it out though.

ppps: vive la revolution!

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