A Little is better than Nothing

I’ll come back to blogging more regular – well I hope so.  Today’s title will be my mantra for a while – until I am back into the swing of things again.  Swing?  More like the old merry-go-round of planning, reviewing to do list, distracting, not quite ‘doing’, then back to the beginning again.

I am writing again – daily – and there are lots of stories and characters popping out of the old grey matter.  Even read the first 1,000 words to my mother at the weekend!

I am creating art more regularly too – slipped a little on the daily bit now that the pen in my hand seems to want to create words rather than pictures.

Now to get on that old merry-go-round again …….

Published by Ainetheon Arts

More later ......

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  1. Sorry, the spellchecker is insane. I wrote: This is wonderful, Annie. I completely identify with it!


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