LADY EVEYLN by Ann Burry  (61x61x1.27 cm – Acrylic)

The first artist I would like to introduce is Ann Burry.  Ann is a self-taught artist which I guess makes her an ‘Outsider’ as per my recent blog on ‘Outsider Art’.  It also makes a good link to / from another article in my summer newsletter on the same subject.

I first came across Ann’s art a few years ago when I joined the Facebook group Artists Representing Themselves.  I like the simplicity of her work which is neither simple nor lacking substance.  It is very expressional in a simplified way, drawing the emotions and curiosity of the viewer into the painting.  Ann uses bold colours and often heavy lines which seem to add more to the mystery and character of her portraits.  The same could be said of her floral pieces.  A visit to her website is recommended where there is a variety of subjects and medium on display.  Her prices are reasonable and make them an affordable art choice to start, or add to, as a collection.

Ann introduces herself  as being inspired by the natural world.  “The beauty of the materials that nature provides – wood, stones, plants – and especially the process of decay that occurs in all objects, are a great inspiration to me. The textures and colours of rust, for example, excite my imagination.”  She is a bold and inventive artist, pushing boundaries and “[to find] new methods of expressing the excitement of artistic creation, to experiment with different materials in order to produce works of beauty and colour.”  (words in italics from – last accessed 06/05/16)  Ann does not mention her artistic training or achievements, however I came across a review of her work which had a link to her own blog from 2014 on ‘How my inspiring art tutor set me free‘.

I find Ann Burry’s work exciting and inspirational.  I have always wished to be more ‘free’ in my painting style and Ann captures the abstract simplification without losing the reality in her art work.  Do take time to view her art work.

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