I suspect my Muse is playing around with me.  I want to paint and draw but what does the Muse tickle away at?  She has me writing stories and doing doodles and small paintings of artist trading card size.  And there is only so much one can fit onto 9cm x 6.5cm. Wicked, wicked Muse!! But oh what fun I am having!  It feels good to be writing again after such a long period of abstinence.

This morning, after a long walk up Kirrie Hill followed by breakfast, I thought about what I could paint on an artist trading card.  The idea of painting or drawing something each day, however small, is appealing but harder to do than say.  The practical side of my brain, where the Muse seldom wants to go, was thinking about cleaning out my make-up bag.  Earlier I had put on some make-up and thought how cramped my cosmetic bag was, considering how little I actually use.  Time to throw out the old and unwanted bits and bobs.  Time also to do a little housework also before setting off for work, or so I thought.

I got as far as sorting out the old cosmetics and then suddenly the Muse made her presence felt.  Hmmm….. Interesting thought; so how would I go about painting a picture (artist trading card size, remember) with old make-up?  As I made my way into the kitchen my eye caught sight of the little black pig sitting on my table.  I had moved it yesterday but hadn’t got round to putting it back on the window ledge where it has sat since moving into my ‘quirky wee red hoose’ last October.  Also on the table was a few artist trading card size heavy weight paper/card.  Step forward the Muse!  Before I knew it I was getting together a small container of water, another of extra virgin olive oil (okay, I know – should have been linseed or a more suitable oil), some cotton buds and a sheet of heavy duty kitchen roll.

All notion of housework had gone and before I knew it I was working away on a small painting of the little black pig – using only old cosmetics as a medium and the eyeliner brush and cotton bud as a brush/tool.  This is mixed media work making something from throw away materials.

The little black pig was outlined and painted using eyeliner as one would use watercolour.  The pink spots, legs, ears and snout were painted on using an old lipstick and applied with a cotton bud.  I dipped the cotton bud into some olive oil then rubbed the head onto the lipstick, which made the application of colour and tone much easier. The grass was created by using a green shimmer eyeshadow, again applied with a cotton bud and bound with a little olive oil.  I added some brown mascara dry brush strokes to indicate tufts of grass.  The background was a light ivory shimmer eyeshadow applied the same way as the green. The shadow under the pig was created using a watery application of eyeliner.  The final touch was a little ‘lippy’ added to the bottom lip of the pig.

Voila!  The Little Black Pig was born and came with me to the shop.  She has sat on my desk and pestered me from the minute I switched on my laptop to write her story.  And that is what I have spent my morning doing.  I have the first 300 words written and am well on my way to writing up the adventures of The Little Black Pig.  Another children’s story which I hope I can illustrate and complete.

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More later ......

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