Inspiring Day Out

Yesterday I had a day out and about, the second one over the last few days.  I needed to find that elusive muse and gather new inspirations to get me creating visual art once more, rather than the interior decorating and upcycling that has taken 0ver at present.  I can justify my ‘nesting’ activities as necessary after the many changes to enter my life over this last year or so.  But I digress.  This blog is about inspiration and not diversion.

Reaching 60 one has certain advantages.  The concessionary (free)  bus being one; and one that I am starting to make use of.  With bus pass in purse, and day-sack packed with drawing materials and sketchbook plus lunch including a flask of tea and bottled water, I set of on my adventure.

I took the bus from Forfar to Broughty Ferry, changing at Dundee.  My intention was to draw Broughty Castle and / or some of the exhibits.  It was too raw a day (blowing very cold across the water!) to sit outside so all that got drawn was a stuffed heron from one of the glass cases.  I used Bic ballpoint (fine, black) and my Derwent panoramic sketchbook turned length ways.  I made notes of how to develop the drawing in various mediums but I couldn’t do much more as I had spent a lot of time earlier in an art gallery.

The art gallery though proved to be both exciting and inspiring.  As I headed towards Broughty Castle, I passed the Eduardo Alessandro Studios .  An amazing gallery with an amazing solo exhibition upstairs showing the work of Fiona Haldane .  Fiona is extremely talented in her use of pastels.  Her command of artistic representation of rugged and emotive landscape is second to none in my opinion.  Her pastel paintings, and some are large scale, from a distance resemble luxurious oils.   One has to get closer to discover her choice of medium.  Even then, it can be quite difficult to determine the materials used.  It is only on very close inspection that one can see the pastel application.

There is a richness and a fullness of visual image to Haldane’s art.  Her art can really only be appreciated fully by seeing it in real-time rather than an online gallery.  I would encourage anyone interested in dramatic landscapes or pastel paintings to go and see this exhibition.  You will not be disappointed!  It is also an exhibition worth travelling to see, perhaps to take in a few days away from home or an early holiday.  Haldane’s work has certainly encouraged me to get out my pastels and revisit landscapes.  I may even have to revisit the exhibition for more inspiration and learning.  One learns a lot by spending time looking at other artists work and trying to understand the how, why and what etc of the creative process they have applied.

Do take time to visit the links I have provided and enjoy.


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