16-01-09 Garlic doodle DSCF9711
Quick sketch of a garlic bulb using the liquid residue from steamed red cabbage

I promised myself that I would create some form of art each day in 2016.  Yesterday was such a busy day at the auctions.  I needed a new wardrobe for home and a table and storage for the studio.  No new wardrobe was acquired but plenty of other items including the table for home and the necessary storage for the studio.  Needless to say I have also bought things that were not on the shopping list!

By the time I got home with the first car load (I need to go back on Monday to fetch the remaining items purchased) and unloaded plus cleaned the items, it was time to cook a late dinner.  No chance, or so I thought, of doing anything remotely artistic. Until it came time to wash up and tidy after the evening meal.  Washing up has never been a favourite pastime of mine but I do like a clean and tidy kitchen so it has to be done as soon as possible after the meal.  I was tired and really felt as if all I wanted to do was sit down with a nice whisky and local newspaper to end the day on.

Reluctantly I started gathering together all the dirty pots and crockery.  I was born with a great capability for procrastination and I guess this is why my poor tired out brain was looking for reasons NOT to do the dishes.  I saw the thickly coloured water sitting in a corner of the steamer portion that had held the red cabbage.  I also glanced at the lonely garlic bulb sitting next to the cooker.  Garlic tends to have a sort of purple-ish look about it.  My weary, procrastinating brain made a connection between the two visions.  That lead to me rushing off to find my sketch book and a small paintbrush; the folding, travelling kind that is so useful to carry around in a pocket or bag with a small pan set of watercolour paints.

But this time I would not be using watercolours.  Sketch book opened at a clean page and garlic bulb sitting happily in the still-life pose set for it, I dipped the brush into the thick purple pigmented water.  After a few minutes I had the image captured in my sketch book.  This little experiment created so much enthusiasm in me that I have made plans to experiment further with other natural pigmentations from my household ‘leftovers’.  I may become an ardent fan of red cabbage!  I am also pleased to say that the dishes got done remarkably quick after my little artistic side-step.


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