Snowy Tree DSCF9704
Bleak Mid-Winter [multi-media on canvas 6x6in]
Winter is seldom a kind season.  The cold divides and diminishes across the species; pruning and cutting back the unnecessary.  Destruction before regeneration.  Winter is a time of hibernation.


As an artist, I have come to realise that any creative process is seasonal.  There is the long, dark passage where the Muse cannot be summoned; at worst seems to have disappeared  or at best is slumbering just out of reach.  I have come to label this event The Winter Muse, even when the Muse is absent in the summer months.

However, this ‘season’ does pass and what springs forward from the dark days are shoots of inspiration.  It is almost as if I need that period of creative abstinence to find a way forward in my art.  I need the ‘head space’ to clear out the old before the new direction takes hold.  Often, after a time of no new ideas, a rush of artistic germinations take root.  Sometimes so many that I cannot keep up with my Muse’s activity.  This is my Spring Muse.  This is a time to invest in a new sketchbook, or several!

My Spring Muse is starting to nudge her way into my head.  A new sketch book has been started.  Sketches, notes, thoughts and a multitude of doodles have been starting to fill the pages.  Some I have already been trying to expand on.  I have been experimenting with raw pigments and various binders.  I have been investigating shapes and abstractions.  I have been testing out new methods and products.

This is an exciting time but also a time of trial and error.  My studio floor is littered with remnants of ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybe’s.  I am hoping there will be some positive growth from all these trials before the Spring Muse gives way to the Summer Muse.

I will leave the Summer Muse to lie still for now and perhaps come back to my seasonal Muses later in the New Year.  Roll on Spring!

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More later ......

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