The Inner Landscape

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Unborn - foetus1 20151108_140236
The Unborn: Foetus

What lies within us are thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, aspirations, memories and all those human instincts that make us the person we are today. Yesterday (and all those yesterdays long since gone), we were different people and tomorrow we will be different again. The human element in us is driven by perception. How we perceive the world and others around us will affect our judgments and decisions. Our perception will create an inner landscape that may, or may not, be akin to what our senses tell us is surrounding us on the outside.


Over the last couple of weeks I have been quite analytical and reflective in my work. My constant companion of late seems to have been Change – and changes there have been many! My art seems to have reached a watershed too, but then with so much external change going on one cannot expect the inner realms to remain the same. Since the beginning of November, I have been developing a more abstract approach to my art. I started a new sketchbook for the purpose of working towards a theme for the next exhibition and beyond into the New Year. The theme is The Inner Landscape which lends itself well to a more abstract style of painting. I have found that within the theme lies more than one genre or subject. Although there is a good mix of subject and style being created in the sketchbook, it is the abstract development into a finished piece that is proving to be exciting and enlightening. I am, at last, pushing the boundaries of my artistic skills beyond the known and comfortable.

Today’s photo shows one of the first studies completed under the subject of “The Unborn” within the theme “The Inner Landscape”.  Several other studies have been undertaken with some positive results.  I am hoping to have at least 4-6 of these studies developed into finished pieces for my next exhibition.

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